aerosoft's - VFR London X

aerosoft's - VFR London X 1.20

Is based on aerial pictures of London and modeled with an eye for detail
1.20 (See all)

Flying through the streets of London is possible with the VFR London X (FSX only) add-on for your FSX. Based on aerial pictures of London and modeled with an eye for detail, this add-on is assured to give you the flight of your FSX.

Based on ultra high resolution layer of aerial photography with all the buildings and monuments built to their accurate size it covers around 120kms. The buildings have been individually textured to look like the real ones during the day and night. There are around 30,000 building objects and 50,000 fill objects with day, night textures and reflections to give the detailed and reality look to the simulation. The details have been looked in to a point you can see the reflections in the glass. The add-on is compatible with the VFR England & Wales Vol. 1 – South and London City Airport (from version 1.10).

If you are in to virtual reality world, this is the add-on to go for. You will find the handiwork interesting and very pleasing. With 120 km of excellent graphics this is by far a good add-on.

Luis Sanchez
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  • It is the detailed representation of London


  • Huge download size
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